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ACT Registration page and Test Dates (bottom of page)
Image that corresponds to ACT Registration page and Test Dates (bottom of page)

This page will allow you to register for the ACT, and also provides very useful information about what is required when taking the exam.  The testing dates are also listed at the bottom of this page.

Better Prep Success
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This is the video tutorial series used in ACT Prep Courses.  You should already have an account if you are enrolled in an ACT Prep class at school.  If you are not and would like an account, please contact one of the ACT teachers for the school access code.

How to Improve Low ACT Scores
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This article thoroughly explains the math section of the ACT and gives specific tips to increase your score.  While the article is long, it is packed with useful information.  Not only does the article present the reader with tips, but it explains how and why the tips will help your score.  While this article focuses on the MATH section, at the bottom of the page are links for the same type of information on the English, Reading, and Science sections as well.

Union Test Prep

This site provides Lessons, Practice Tests, Flash Cards, and Study guides for a wide variety of tests, INCLUDING THE ACT and WORKKEYS.  When you click on the link, select the test you are preparing for and then the material you wish to use.  To track progress, you need to create an account, and you can simply create one with your school Google account.

Ohio Workkeys Help
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This document provides videos and practice test links that were prepared by “Write Riders with Cruz” for Ohio students.  It gives detailed information about Workkeys testing and several practice test modes.

Shared Workkeys Folder

This is a folder of various resources available to study, including flashcards, practice tests, and study guides. YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN TO BPSB GOOGLE ACCOUNT TO ACCESS THIS FOLDER!

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The U.S. Army has an education site that provides pre-testing and individualized lessons based on the results of those tests.  The ACT is one of the learning courses they offer.  You do need to create a free account.  Click on the ACT Online Course for more information.

Official ACT Prep Page

This page provides several resources from ACT including both printed and online practice tests for each subject area.  It also provides the official “Test Prep Guide 2022-223”, which contains information about ACT Study guides, test dates, fee waivers, and test prep.

Prep Scholar
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When you set aside four hours for an ACT practice test, trying to get the most out of your time and energy is important. This site presents five critical tips as you take your ACT test that can help you prepare more effectively for test day.

Varsity Tutors
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With a wide variety of tests available, by selecting ACT, the user can access over 1300 practice tests for the ACT.  The online versions will provide the user with a detailed report once the test is complete.  This report includes several categories, including important information such as “Concept Area” (with breakdown data), detailed “Explanations” for each question, and “Time per Question.”