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Ready to Achieve Reopening Guidelines 2021-2022

Posted Date: 01/25/2022

Ready to Achieve Reopening Guidelines 2021-2022



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Ready to Achieve

Reopening Guidelines





It is the goal of the Bienville Parish School System to provide a high-quality education for all students and ensure the physical, social, and economic well-being of both students and staff.   

This document will serve as reopening guidance for the 2021-2022 school year and will be updated as necessary to reflect new LDOE/LDH/CDC guidance as they are released.

All students will receive in-person learning (face-to-face instruction) five days a week (Monday-Friday) as we begin the 2021-2022 school year and we will not have the virtual learning option. We are looking forward to a return to more normal operations and traditions as we welcome our students, families and volunteers back to school.

Governor Edward’s Proclamation on August 2, 2021 mandates that face masks for students in kindergarten through grade twelve and staff will be required in all indoor facilities including school campuses effective August 4, 2021 through September 24, 2021 and may be extended as necessary.   

Given the levels of COVID-19 currently in our communities and state, we are planning for and expecting that some students will get COVID-19 during the school year and that those students will possibly expose other students/staff in the school setting.  Close contacts will have to quarantine at home for 10 days unless they receive a negative test on or after day 5, at which time students may return on day 8 after exposure and employees may return on day 7 after exposure. Close contacts who are fully vaccinated or who were previously diagnosed with   COVID-19 within the last 90 days at the time of exposure and remain asymptomatic do not need to quarantine.

Physical Distancing/Group sizes

• The maximum group size that may convene indoors in a single room should be determined by physical distancing requirements.

• Students who are unable to maintain a physical distance from other students or adults should be assigned static groups. The static group composition should be maintained for as long as possible.

• The composition of a group may change if students are able to maintain a physical distance of at least three feet from other students and six feet from adults in a classroom or indoor setting, to the greatest extent possible.


Physical Standards for Use of School Facilities

• If groups convene outdoors, a physical barrier is not required, but each group should remain separated.

• To the greatest extent possible, schools should limit crowding at entry and exit points and maintain maximum group sizes and physical distance recommendations.


Monitoring Students and Adults for Symptoms of COVID-19 Illness:

• Families and employees are encouraged to self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 prior to arrival on campus. Students/staff who are sick should stay at home. Students/staff who have COVID-19 should stay home and remain isolated until they have been determined to no longer be infectious according to CDC’s end of isolation criteria. Temperature checks of visitors, students and faculty on campus are no longer required but may be utilized at the discretion of each local Principal.

• An isolation area will be established for students or employees who display symptoms of illness.


Environmental Cleaning and Personal Hygiene:

• High-touch surfaces should be cleaned at least twice per day, including bathrooms.

• Students should wash or sanitize hands upon arrival at the school, before and after eating, before and after using outdoor play equipment and before exiting the school facility.

• Playground equipment and athletic equipment should be cleaned as necessary, depending on frequency of use.                                                                       

•School employees will be provided adequate access to hygienic supplies, including soap, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes or spray, paper towels and tissues.  Face coverings will also be provided as needed.


Facial Covering Requirements:

• While inside the school facility, all adults and students in grades Kindergarten through grade twelve are required to wear a face covering.

• Four-year-old students who are unable to wear face coverings or maintain a physical distance from others will be assigned static groups.

• While outdoors, adults and students do not need to mask if they adhere to physical distancing requirements.



• On January 21, 2021, President Joe Biden issued Executive Order No. 13999 requiring the wearing of facial coverings on transportation, including school buses, both private and public.  All drivers/riders are required to wear a mask.

• School buses may operate at 100% capacity if all passengers are masked. Windows should be kept open when it does not create a safety or health hazard.

Seating charts should be created and consistently enforced to help identify close contacts.



• A limited number of students will be allowed in the cafeteria and other areas where students/employees congregate.

• Breakfast will continue with the grab & go option with students eating in their first hour classrooms.  Students will rotate in the cafeteria by grade level or lunch will be held inside of classrooms as determined by each local Principal.  Students will be allotted the same time for lunch as was provided last year. Classroom tables will have the sufficient spacing to adhere to social distancing requirements set by the LDOE, LDH and the CDC.




• Students will have assigned seating with 6 feet distance between desks or to the maximum extent possible.

• Additional time will be provided for transitions between classes and areas of the hallway will be designated as flow paths to keep students separated.

•Class times will be staggered to limit congregation in hallways and the use of lockers are not permitted.



• Students will engage in a modified dismissal protocol. Bus numbers will be announced. All ancillary personnel, and those staff members who are not homeroom teachers, will be assigned to walk and monitor students by grade level to their respective bus. They will be placed 6 feet apart in accordance to the CDC guidelines.



Visitors to School Facilities:

• All visitors must wear masks, maintain physical distance of 6 feet from others and submit to temperature screening upon arrival. Nonessential visitors, volunteers and activities involving external groups or organizations will be limited as much as possible.



Large Gatherings and Extracurricular Activities:

• Assemblies are limited to maximum group sizes and with appropriate physical distancing in place. For younger students who are unable to maintain physical distance will remain in static groups.

• All attendees are required to wear a face covering.

• Students and teachers should wash hands before and after events.

• Field trips can occur if strictly following masking, cohorting and transportation requirements. Outdoor field trip opportunities should be prioritized, if possible.


Athletics, Band, Vocal and Music:

•Athletic activities are allowed to resume with the recommendations put forth in the LHSAA Guidance for Opening Up High School Athletics and Activities.

• Due to the Governor’s indoor mask mandate, band, vocal and singing classes should not occur indoors at this time.  Band, vocal and music classes may occur outdoors until further notice.



Ensure Healthy Access to Outdoor Activities:

• Fully vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals do not need to mask outdoors if they adhere to physical distancing requirements.

• Student should maintain physical distancing of 6 ft while outdoors.

• NO more than four cohorts should mix outdoors.


Hygiene Protocols:

• Students, teachers and cafeteria staff should wash hands before and after every meal.

• All passengers should engage in hand hygiene upon entering the bus. Hand sanitizer should not exceed 80 percent alcohol concentration and containers

should be securely closed, secured against shifting and protected from damage.

• Students should wash their hands or use hand sanitizer after changing any classroom; teachers in the classroom should wash their hands or use sanitizer

every time a new group of students enters their room.

• Shared water fountains will remain closed. Water coolers will be provided and students/staff are encouraged to bring personal water bottles for refilling or bottled water from home.


We appreciate your trust, support, and patience as we work through these unprecedented times.  Together, we are the support and guidance that our students need and deserve.





Revised 9/1/2021